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How I wrote a book and why it was important to me

Writing a book!!!

I had a few reasons for deciding to write a book about copywriting. The first was personal fulfilment: it was a good way to consolidate what I had learned. Secondly, professional recognition: I was looking for a new job at the time and a book is far more impressive than a CV. And finally, vanity: having an actual printed book with your name on the front feels awesome.

The power of words to influence people has always fascinated me. Ever since I first struggled to decode the tricky squiggles on the page at school, they have intrigued me with their…

The Embalmer’s Home

With the passing of her husband, it was no surprise to anyone that Rita withdrew from public life and the glare of the spotlight into which Estan’s job had so often dragged her. Preferring always the intimate company of her husband in their cottage, it was testament to conjugal devotion that she was invariably found on his arm at any and all social functions he was called on to attend. …

Via Zamboni, Bologna

Daytime drinking? I can handle that. Morning drinking? Yeah, I’m up for that as well, I thought as I made my way to an Irish pub smack in the middle of the Bologna’s student district. The pretext for my early morning drinking was the world cup being played a few time zones to the east but with my interest in football always having been somewhere between none and “is it over yet?” I soon found myself a bit tipsy and fairly bored.

As the air swam with references to off-sides, semi-finals and fixtures, my eyes glazed over, and in the…

I’m a copywriter. And I’m dyslexic. Actually, thanks to the second point, the first one is temporarily untrue. I lost my job due to being dyslexic. Now, before you start screaming discrimination in my defense, it was undisclosed. I couldn’t really have expected my ex-boss to consider something she had no knowledge of, could I?

“In the world of work, working extra hard and getting by with something that’s just good enough, isn’t, well, it isn’t good enough”.

But despite the tragedy of this happening now, a daughter in year one and another child on its way in February, it…

Photo by Jason Rosewell on Unsplash

Whether it’s a shopping list or a horror story, the purpose of writing is to share information. But it’s how you share that information that makes the difference, it’s the tone you use that will keep people coming back to read more. That’s why big companies will spend thousands ensuring their messaging is on brand. The unique tone used by different companies is their personality, it is what makes them stand out from the crowd. …

The Dyslexic Reader

People who love books and read them quickly are said to devour them; this bestows books the quality of food, as though they are sustenance keeping the avid reader alive. For some of us, that’s just what they are. Books are more than just bound paper and printed lines, they are doorways to other worlds and experiences to live. I developed a passion for books which was never matched by my ability to consume them. I could taste the stories they held and I wanted to munch my way through them, but I couldn’t say I devoured…

The Dyslexic Student

Reading slowly and missing out on the meaning aren’t the only problems for dyslexics at school. We also try hard, making a huge effort only to end up with a chaotic mess. Even before I was allowed to use pens and let loose with bottles of ink (I still can’t believe they let primary schools kids use fountain pens), my school work was always a mess; my exercise books were a spaghetti junction of crossings out and smudges where some words floated off the lines and others sank beneath them. …

Different ways to wake up in the morning

Wake up to coffee!

As well as spawning more memes than the cat who first had a cheeseburger, coffee is the single greatest ingredient for getting the world running. Without an early morning injection of caffeine, the world would be left floundering around in its pyjamas trying to rub sleepy dust out of its eyes until lunchtime.

More than fifty per cent of all adult Americans drink coffee at least once a day. That’s over 150 million people in America alone needing a wake-up kiss from Uncle Joe. That adds up to approximately 400 million cups of coffee drunk in the US per day…

The Dyslexic Simplifier

You need to make things simple

Dyslexics, it is said, have a reduced working memory; we can’t hold as much “live” information in our heads at once. While your long-term memory can be seen as a hard-drive storing retrievable information, your working memory is like a processor, holding and manipulating the info you are accessing now and allowing you to focus on the task at hand. So, to be able to concentrate on something, we need it broken down into nice manageable pieces. And this is fundamentally what being a copywriter is all about: taking something complicated and translating it into the simple terms we can.

Whatever you wrote, it can always be improved!

It’s good to rewrite your stories

A few years ago, I wrote a story, and it was perfect. It was the simple story of the day I met a girl in Italy. After a few rounds of edits and rewrites, I thought it was as well written as I could make it.

I was wrong. Everything we write can be improved and the fact that we like a particular piece should never place it out of reach of the editor’s red pen. …

Jodie Adam

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